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June 8th, 2010 by barebackanalescorts

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Betty – French Transvestite Bareback Anal Escort
Based in Lyon, France. Travels all Europe.
Works in brothels in Turkey, Gulf States and elsewhere.
Will pose and perform any sex act with clients or others
for live sex shows, films and videos.

NOTE: The transvestite bareback whore Betty is now working in Brothels in the Middle East and is not now available for private usage. Her website will be re-posted when she is back.

USA Homosexual Bareback Anal Sex Worker
Pimp and brothel trained for no-limits no-condom anal fuckings by cocks of any size and gangbanging number. He is
also famous for his deepthroat suck and swallow skills.
Note: Michael may be used in a rough “rape-style” manner
with lots of buttslappings and spankings if desired.
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Rates: $100 per man per hour of usage incall or outcall.   Michael may be used by gangbanging groups of 5 or more men at $50 per man, but all must cum into his anus or down his throat withing one hour.
for just incall suck and swallow $20  
Michael’s suck mouth is “on duty” 24/7 and services
single men and groups of men. Find and fuck him from this website:

Bareback Escort Michael

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Michael is pimp owned and brothel trained for 24/7 usage at $100 per man.

Michael showing his ass as a transvestite street whore.
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Michael sucking cocks as a young whore in a brothel

How Michael Became A Gay Male Prostitute

Transvestite anal whore Sodomita.
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